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Web Link: www.aytoburgos.es

Burgos is a pleasant and lively medium-sized city (178,574 inhabitants), situated in the Region of Castilla y León, north-western Spain. Its urban centre occupies 108.26 km2, the population density of which is 1,649.49 inhabitants per km². Burgos is known throughout the world for its cultural, monumental and artistic heritage. It has three UNESCO World Heritage sites, which are its Cathedral, the Camino de Santiago [Pilgrim’s Way of Saint James], that crosses the city and the archaeological site of Atapuerca, located only a few kilometres from the city.

It is worth mentioning the opening of the Human Evolution Complex (designed by prestigious architect Juan Navarro Baldeweg) which includes the Human Evolution Museum (reaching more than 150,000 visitors in the first 6 months);The Conference and Exhibition Centre (still under construction);and the National Centre of Research on Human Evolution (Ministry of Innovation and Science).

Burgos is in a privileged geographical position, half-way between Madrid and France, close to cities such as Bilbao, Santander, Logroño and Valladolid. This satisfactory communication with the rest of Spain has a high strategic value for industry in Burgos, which is varied and dynamic and characterised by important firms at a European and global level.

In summary, Burgos is a medium-sized liveable city in an area of sustainability, with a growing urban and industrial development.

Strategic Plan City of Burgos

Web Link: www.burgosciudad21.org

The Strategic Plan Association of the City of Burgos is a not-for-profit organization created at the initiative of Burgos City Council in an agreement reached at its Plenary Session in the year 2000. The Association has an independent legal personality and is constituted by more than 60 entities, firms and organisations in the city, which are integrated into the participative structure of the Association through three Start-up and Follow-up Committees - Culture, Industry and Quality of Life - as well as through their participation in innovative projects and round tables on specific topics.

The objectives of the Association are the preparation and follow up of the Strategic Plan for the city of Burgos and its surrounding area, taking action in all spheres that have a positive impact on the economic and social promotion of Burgos, promoting and coordinating public and private initiatives. The first document that was prepared was precisely the Strategic Plan of the City (2002-2015), which has recently been up-dated to a 2010-2020 timeframe.

Within this framework, the Strategic Plan City of Burgos promotes and carries forward strategic initiatives and projects for the city, such as preparation, management, diffusion, and evaluation of local, national and European projects, in different areas: urban mobility, sustainable development, urbanism, technological innovation, social integration, etc.

Amongst other projects, the city of Burgos, through the City Council and the Strategic Plan was involved in the CIVITAS II initiative CARAVEL, together with the cities of Genoa (project leader), Stuttgart and Krakow. The key aim of the project was to achieve an improvement in urban mobility as well as a reduction in emissions and greenhouse gases through the effective reduction of transport impacts.

Thanks to the above-mentioned projects, the city has received the following awards:

  • Global Energy Award, in the “Air” category in 2008 for the development of City CIVITAS for emission reduction and public participation and attitudinal change.
  • Civitas City in 2007: Best European city for sustainable urban transport.
  • Ministry of Industry: Award for the Best Spanish City for transport and saving energy (2006).
  • ATEGRUS (Spanish Recycling Association) Leading Spanish city with regard to best practice and upgrading of its bio-fuel policy.
  • Mobility Week 2008: Finalist in best measures.
  • Finalist in the Green Fleet for the cleanest PT fleet in 2008.
  • In 2010, the Initiative Sustainable and clean mobility in the city of Burgos received the "Good Practice Award" from the HABITAT Committee of the United Nations.

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