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Pilot projects

In an experimental pilot phase, the climate change adaptation criteria developed in the framework of Mi Ciudad AC2 will be applied to four urban areas situated in the partner cities of the project.

Each partner will select an urban area in which to undertake the pilot experience, that will be analysed through a field study, in order to verify its current state in terms of urban and mobility policies, green zone planning, energy savings and efficiency and public awareness.

Likewise, the measures that are foreseen in these areas in the short and medium term will be studied, in order to verify their compatibility with the climate change adaptation criteria identified in the four key areas of the project.

Having completed this analysis, the four transnational work teams of Mi Ciudad AC2 will jointly prepare integrated proposals for the modification and improvement of these urban areas, based on the methodological guidelines of the climate change adaptation criteria.

The results of this pilot experience – which will represent the first case of the practical application of the climate change adaptation criteria – will be shared with other cities and local governments in the SUDOE space and in the European Union through the Collaboration platform Mi Ciudad AC2 .

Partners Area


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